Not necessarily the best pictures from 2006, but some favorites.
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Creative Mornings Cincinnati I spoke at Creative Mornings in Cincinnati, and it’s forty minutes long. NEW
album The Album
Where I put daily photos. (But I usually update it in batches every few months)
An interview An interview
An honor to talk with The Great Discontent
Creative Mornings Cincinnati The Setup
Describing the tools I use NEW
Favorite photos Favorite photos from years past: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
ARRA An emblem for recovery
Something I am very proud of.
mouse trap How to catch a mouse...
without a mousetrap – (the most popular link on this site)
Fate to Fatal Fate to Fatal
Look Ma! My first album cover!
decoupage Decoupage
A fun project to rid your desk of junk.
fiona Looking for Fiona?
I lip-synched to Janeane Garofalo ripping on Ms. Apple a long time ago. I almost regret it.
soup Vegetable Soup
My mom’s recipe.
Quite easy and tasty.
shut the box Shut the Box
Rules for playing or making a dice game
videogames Favorite videogames
So not up to date list of fave console games.
roadtrip 2002 Roadtrip
I drove across the country a little, and took notes. A long time ago, when monitors were smaller.


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  Hi. My name is Chris Glass and this is a place where I put stuff. I'm a designer at
Wire & Twine, and in my spare time, I devise schemes to create more spare time.


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album Big Data - 2.0
Poppy dancey stuff with technology laden lyrics. Heavy rotation.
album Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
Reflective and beautiful. A love letter to his mom.
album Joywave - How Do You Feel Now?
More upbeat fun.
album Bleachers - Strange Desire
One of the fellas from Fun. off on his own making an album full of hooks.
album Kim Deal - Are You Mine?
Kim put out another single and this one is my favorite.
album Belle Mare - The Boat of the Fragile Mind
This is just a single, but it's haunting and just oozing with a perverse love. (via Chirp)

book The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)
Chris Hardwick
Just saw Chris do standup in Columbus Ohio and laughed til I cried and snorted. Now I'm backtracking on what makes him tick.
book The Brink: Stories
Austin Bunn
I know Austin and love the way he thinks and writes. This is his first collection of stories.
book The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel
Garth Stein
My trainer recommended this book, written from a dog's perspective. I'm sold. Just digging in.


game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
One screen isometric puzzler. Super easy to pick up and play and then move on for a while. (WiiU)
game Destiny
It's like Halo, but prettier and shallower. Mindless, and a little pleasant for being so. (PS4)
game Zelda : A Link Between Worlds
The right blend of old and new. A great reason to dust off the 3DS.
game Rayman Origins
Ubisoft is making some beautiful games, and this one is among them. The Rayman series is great and this is a superfine installment. (PS3)
game Two Dots
After reading all the year end praise, I picked up a used copy and am preparing myself to get freaked out. (PS3)